I have more than 20 years of experience as an adjunct college instructor, teaching classes in literature, and the arts, and more recently specializing in teaching English courses. These include basic composition, honors composition, technical writing, expository writing and professional writing. 

I have a MA in liberal arts, and an all-but dissertation PhD program in American literature, both from USF in Tampa. My Master’s thesis explored the graphic work of the artists Jose Guadalupe Posada (Mexican) and Thomas Nast (American).

I’m an amateur cartoonist. I do a lot of posting on several internet venues. The posts reflect my progressive outlook. My favorite teams: Tampa Bay Rays, UW-Green Bay women’s and men’s basketball teams, USF football. Member of a liberal and extremely inclusive UMC church that welcomes LGBTQ folks, and anybody else.

I read a great deal. My current favorite books are Bathsheeba Demuth’s remarkable Floating Coast, and anything Bill Bryson has ever written. My favorite artist is Albrecht Durer. My reading is primarily science, nature, ecology and history.

I have had success the last three years as a freelance writer. I work primarily through the online Upwork system. I have recently specialized in nonfiction ebooks; the topics have included Indians in the Civil War, balloons and airships, the German Pacific, the Scotch Irish, the Hawai’ian kingdom, unknown American slaveries, and John Wesley Powell. I have also written SEO business content, blogs, blurbs, tutoring grammar and writing and related. Recent clients include people in China, Japan, India, Argentina, Ukraine, Russia. 

I share my life with my partner, Barbara Ann McBride, who is essentially the co-editor of this site

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