The Bluetooth No One Knows

The Danish king Harald Gormsson, who was known as Harald Bluetooth, ruled Denmark and Norway from around 940 to 986, an amazingly long reign those times. 

He is best known as the king who converted pagan Denmark to Christianity. He had to have been an extremely formidable man, able and active and a warrior, because otherwise he could not have ruled so long, nor converted his vigorously pagan kingdom to Christianity. 

King Harald earned his name of Bluetooth, the story goes, because some of his teeth were so decayed they looked blue. 

What makes this story more than an historical footnote is that his name has been given to the contemporary technology Bluetooth. This second story is as complicated as Herald’s. The upshot is that because Herald Bluetooth integrated his separate kingdoms of Denmark and Norway, his name was chosen for a wireless technology that integrates separate devices.

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