Sun explode

You have only eight minutes to live because you know that the Sun is going to explode. What do you do?

This question previously had details. They are now in a comment.

Greg Brecht

1m ago

Writer, Floridian, Adjunct professor, Liberal.

It’s easy to consider this question as a kind of fun thought experiment.

But reality is, the sun goes out for all of us at some point, and eight minutes till zero may be a lot longer than most people have.

Me, I’d tell my baby that I love her and that she’s my date for the pearly gates. If I were with her, we’d hold each other and probably cry. If I weren’t with her, I’ll remember flashes of the good things—my first sight of a bluebird, a picnic in a field of blue flowers high in the Rockies in a Colorado summer, drowsing off with a cat named Jack in the crook of my arm, the pleasure in good work well done, my Mom’s smile, a few times laughing my head off with friends. And my baby’s arms around me.

I know that probably sounds naive.

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