NY Times, Trump exaggerates height of his buildings

Miracle! Trump added 20 stories without any construction.

I haven’t seen a diary about this yet, so here goes. According to a front page article in the New York Times (Nov 2, 2016) Trump routinely adds height to his buildings by fudging math. This is partly a marketing matter, because taller residential buildings in New York appear to have more status and thus higher value. Fudging is a rather quaint way of saying intentionally misleading—a lie.

The Trump SoHo, completed 2010, has 43 floors, but the elevators go to 46 (the elevator has no 13th floor stop, typical of  tall buildings because of superstition about the number 13). The Trump International Hotel and Tower, which before Trump bought it was 44 stories tall, but the Times observes dryly, it is now listed as 52 stories. This is a miracle, dear readers, stretching a building by 8 stories without adding to the height of the building.

The Trump World Tower was built in 2001 and is listed in at least some Trump advertising at 90 stories and 900 feet tall, but the Times notes that building records say it is 70 stories and 843 feet tall. 240 Riverside Boulevard was born, the Times says, at 31 stories, but Trump stretched it into 40 stories.

Apparently people buying or renting in these structures are quite aware of the exaggerations. At one building, buyers had to sign a document explaining the difference between marketing floors and actual floors (my emphasis added). The articles cites Trump as saying people are not opposed to saying they live on the 50th floor even if it’s actually the 43rd.

The article alleges that Trump has been charged with adding a fictional inch to his personal height.  This makes me wonder what else he’s exaggerating, such as polls, wealth or anatomy.

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