Going cold turkey on Chicken Little.


I’ve never admitted this to anyone, but now it’s time. I have a Chicken Little habit. Bad. I tend to think that if something can go wrong, it probably will.

Every day I check the polls. The slightest little wiggle in the line and I think “Oh god, there goes the EPA. Coal dust in the drinking water”

Every time I hear that Trump has a new campaign manager, I envision them actually doing something more effective than throwing baseball caps to the audience, and also envision all of Trump’s kids appointed to the Supreme Court and making hunting mandatory.

If 538 drops Clinton’s chance of winning from 90% to 88%, I groan and say to myself “Well, the ‘Walt Disney Grand Canyon’ wouldn’t be as bad as ‘Microsoft Yellowstone.’ ”

If a prediction market drops the Democrat’s chance of winning the Senate from 71% to 70%, I start hallucinating about Sara Palin being approved as Secretary of State.

Bad habits are hard to break. There’s only one way to do it, and that’s just stop. Now. Go cold turkey.

Hillary is going to clobber the Trumpeters!!!  There. I said it.

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