Most controversial method

There is a substance that you can take that has more of an effect on protecting your brain from decline than any prescription medication. You never hear about it in public though. The reason for this is that the number one way people consume it is fatally flawed.

First let me tell you how it works. The kind of neurological decline in the brain that is the root cause of Alzheimer and Parkinson is degeneration of the kinds of cells that are activated by the substance I’m talking about. This substance lights up the acetylcholine receptors in the brain. Exposure to this stuff appears to protect the brain by activating those receptors. It’s like getting fresh circulation to tissue in your body. If tissue is cut off from your circulatory system for to long it will wither and die .

Much the same in the brain, when your acetylcholine receptors are not stimulated regularly due to changes in the brain occurring over a long period of time they begin to die off. The reason no one hears about the benefits of this substance is that it is usually bound to a plant that is undeniable bad for your health when taken all at once. But you can take it separately from the rest of the plant in an isolated form and avoid the side effects of its larger constituent parts.

When I tell you what This substance is you will see why it is so controversial. The substance is nicotine. No, I am not telling you to start using tobacco products or even start vaping. The best way to use it is to chew nicotine gum once or twice a week. If you are skeptical consider the results. People who were exposed to nicotine over a period of years had only one third the chance of developing Alzheimer or Parkinson as those who avoided it all their lives.

The difference is not just life expectancy. The lower risks have been seen in comparisons of people the same age. Brain neuron generation often begin decades before symptoms appear. It seems to me that anyone over 40 can dramatically reduce their risk of brain decay in the future wit regular supplementation of nicotine through chewing nicotine gum once a week I hope you make use of this information.

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