Greenland Shark

World's oldest vertebrate discovered in Greenland

The Greenland Shark lives in cold Arctic seas. The shark grows slowly, and has the longest known lifespan of any vertebrate, perhaps as long as five hundred years. These sharks are not sexually mature until they are a hundred years old—these centenarians don’t need Viagra! They are quite large, up to 21 feet in length and 3,000 pounds, although more commonly they are 16 feet or so and around a thousand pounds. 

They eat just about anything, but there are no known attacks by Greenland sharks on humans. The meat of this shark is dangerous. If eaten fresh, it causes the kind of disorientation associated with extreme inebriation. 

Don’t feed the meat to your sled dogs, either, it has the same disorienting effect on them. If the meat is hung up for a few months, it loses the poisonous effect, and is said to be a delicacy in Iceland. Not much had been known about the Greenland Shark until recently. It was not recorded on video until 2013.

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