The Anthropocene is Our Era

What Is the Anthropocene and Are We in It? | Science | Smithsonian ...
The Anthropocene is Our Era

Geologists have a naming system for the different ages of the Earth, from far-distant Pre-Cambrian to the present era, the Holocene. The geologic eras are characterized by particular sequences of strata (that is, layers of rock). They help geologists understand the earth’s history. 

In the last generation, we have come to understand that the cumulative human impact on our planet is huge, not so different in scale from the geologic forces that continually shape and reshape our world. In recognition of the impact, the American biologist Eugene Stoermer coined the term “Anthropocene” in the 1970s. 

The word says that the age we are living in is the era of human impact. The term was not used much until the Dutch Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen popularized it in 2000. The concept has been widely adopted, although there are different interpretations of when it started.

Some definitions use the first nuclear weapons test as the starting point. Other definitions see the Anthropocene beginning with the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s. 

The idea remains controversial. Some geologists argue that compared to basic geological forces, human impact has been small. What cannot be argued against is that the cumulative human impact on the earth, its atmosphere, ecosystems and water is intensifying.

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