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pygmy goat on a stump

A kid is a baby goat. They are incredibly energetic and often their antics are amusing. The word ‘kid’ has also been used for generations to describe young people. It’s less formal than words like ‘child’ or ‘children.’ 

‘Kid’ is one of several words related to goats that now are most often used in a human context. ‘Capricorn’, one of the 12 signs of the zodiac, refers to goats. ‘Capricious’ refers to someone who arbitrarily and suddenly changes views, and is another word originating with goats, probably referring to baby goats’ sudden moves and changes in direction. 

‘Kid’ has become extremely common. We speak of kid’s shoes, kid’s books, kid’s shows and kid’s activities. What is unclear is just what age the word “kid” covers. It isn’t used so much for toddlers, but is often used for teenagers or anybody under age eighteen. It’s sometimes used to mean children in the “tween” years, something like age 10 to 12. 

Sometimes it simply means someone younger than the speaker, with the implication that the kid will learn better when they grow up. ‘Kid’ is sometimes condescending, but generally is used in a positive way.

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