I Squash Cockroaches, But…

Blog - When Are Cockroach Infestations Most Common In South Carolina?

I’ve always been the designated cockroach squasher in the places I live. A housemate would yell ‘Bug!!” and I’d roll up the newspaper and get to work. I should explain that here in Florida, if you have a house you have cockroaches, that’s just the way it is.

But sometimes I get to thinking about that. I currently have a cricket in my small house, who now and then breaks into cricket songs from under a bookcase. I have a few spiders as well. When the webs start looking like clutter, I vacuum them up, but a cricket and a few spiders are just house guests.

I do slap at mosquitoes, another Florida resident that is most certainly not welcome. 

But what I get to thinking sometimes is that we are all the products of the ancient process of life on earth. The cockroaches, the crickets, the mosquitoes and the spiders are all very distant cousins or ours, of mine, and we all have a heritage of some hundreds of millions of years of life on this blue planet.

It’s probably useless to talk to a cockroach, but once or twice late of an evening, I’ve explained that to my resident cricket. I stopped drinking years ago, so my rambling to the cricket is just a late-night whim. But you know what? I think the guy listens. I sometimes get a small cricket concert in return.

Deep knowledge,and happy reading.
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