Blind Luck, or Meant to Be?

Sometimes cool things happen out of the clear blue sky.

After my marriage with an abusive spouse ended, I figured that was it, no more relationships, I was emotionally exhausted and withdrawn.

I was on Facebook three years or so ago, chatting with people. I was looking for conversation, not for anything else. I got the occasional message from pretty young women looking for companionship, all of them, as far as I could tell, scams using stolen photos. I was not so young, I was certainly not very affluent and I was most certainly not interested in developing a relationship.

Then somebody said ‘Hi,’ I’m still not sure why. She was looking for a relationship and I said no, I am not. Something appealed to me, for no particular reason I can remember.

There were some ups and downs, some oh-why-bother moments and some smiles that made some horrible days good.

Three years later, she’s the editor of this site and she’s what makes my days worthwhile. Do I deserve it? Hell, yes. Why do I deserve it? I don’t know. But whether it’s karma, luck or fate, who cares? I cannot come up with the words. I think it’s like a sunny morning, or a running clear stream, or a cool drink of water on a hot day, or a tiger swallowtail butterfly coming for a visit, or a mockingbird’s morning serenade.

Deep knowledge,and happy reading.
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  1. Hi to the editor, I hope you keep him for a reason, a season and then a lifetime. Above all, I wish you happiness.

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