My Date for the Pearly Gates

This may seem preposterously Pollyanna-ish, but it’s true. Sometimes life can get complicated, but sometimes things can be simple.

I have later in life found the richest love a man can ask for. I won’t explain that, it was unexpected, and the circumstances might seem to most people to be preposterously complicated.

Feelings that strong can bring on many kinds of thoughts. I wish I was younger and handsome for her. I wish I could stop being moody and stop being pessimistic for her. I wish I was rich enough to provide better for her. I wish I could cure all the hurt in her heart.

But if I was all those, I wouldn’t be the me that attracted her. I wouldn’t understand the richness of what I have found, or that someone so different could make me feel complete. I wouldn’t understand that having something to smile for in the morning is the key to loving this amazing world the more. I wouldn’t have a face on my computer screen to say ‘good morning, baby!’ to.

I don’t know how many years I have left. Not so many as I once had. I will probably go before she does. I had a dream once, about us dancing at the pearly gates. She suddenly appeared and St. Peter said ‘She’s here, Greg.’ I hugged her and we began to dance. She danced with more grace than I did, but the love guided our steps. I held her hand, and we walked into the pearly gates.

After the dream—it was a real dream–I asked her if she’s be my date for the pearly gates. She said yes.

It seems to me that love redeems the sins we humans are prone to. I think that love that exists never really ends. It survives, somewhere in time, somewhere in the universe, and continues as a positive force for eternity. My baby and me, dancing together for eternity. Not a bad dream.

Deep knowledge,and happy reading.
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